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Lifecasting - an introduction:

Lifecasting is the art of taking moulds directly from the human body providing a unique keepsake of you or your children. In order to produce one of the most tactile objects you will ever own, a single visit to the studio is required.

Cast of childs foot

A cast of a child's foot.

This is not a new art form ,it dates from the Victorians, when Queen Victoria of England commissioned Mary Thorneycroft to carve her nine children’s hands and feet in alabaster she started a trend.Today the Royal “casts” are on display at Osborne House, Isle of Wight.

Your lifecast can be finished in a number of different materials these include,synthetic stone, cold cast bronze or silver and terracotta with iron.

Capture your baby or child in a way no photograph or video ever could. Once mounted the casts will become the most tactile objects you will ever own. An ideal gift for grandparents, friends and relatives.

Home visits can also be arranged for childrens lifecasts if desired, please contact for more information.

Capture yourself forever !!!!!!

Why not have something a little different hanging on your wall.

Hands and feet:
Babies as young as four weeks old have been successfully cast, making tiny hands or feet great Christening gifts.

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Casts of adult hands and feet have been put to many uses, from business card holders (hands) to door stops (feet) or just put them on display.

All adult lifecasts tend to be made in a white stone plaster finish due to their size.However other finishes are available, details on request.

Pregnant belly casts:
What better keepsake of your pregnancy than a belly cast. Keep it plain, decorate it yourself or opt 
for one of our finishes .In order to make your cast unique, breasts, hands( yours or a partner) and 
thighs can be incorporated… the choice is yours.

Please see prices pages. Gift vouchers are available and make a very original gift,
Please contact for further details.

Casting Process:
The casting process is very simple and takes little time. The material used is alginate that has been used in the dental profession for decades.
The alginate is mixed with water and the area to be cast is placed in a container and alginate poured in. Alternatively, the alginate is placed directly onto the skin and allowed to set. For more complex castings such as faces or busts, a rigid backing material is used to prevent distortion of the cast. This increases the time of the casting session but is necessary to ensure optimal results.

Casting Sessions:
All casting sessions are by appointment and are normally undertaken at the studio. For very small babies and at clients' requests local home visits can be arranged. Home visits out of the area are normally possible, especially if a number of castings can be arranged amongst friends. Finished casts take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete in the material of your choice. Please feel free to contact for further information.

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