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Synthetic stone:
This is a special hard white plaster, with high strength and surface durability. Casts can either be left a polished white or coloured silver, brass or bronze with acrylic paint.

Silver aluminium:
A truly lovely silver finish,that will enhance your lifecast. When hard this cold cast resin is polished to a splendid finish.

Cast of childs hand

Silver aluminium cast of a chil'd's hand.

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A splendid dark brown finish is achieved when your lifecast is finished in cold cast bronze. Once set and polished it will patinate, similar to old bronze.

A fantastic cold cast finish that once polished could almost be mistaken for gold.

Terracotta with iron:
An extremely hard terracotta coloured casting material which contains iron.When set it resembles fired terracotta,and cast pieces that are allowed to get wet will eventually begin to turn rusty.Although designed for indoor casts,pieces kept outdoors have shown great resistance to extreme conditions,and look fabulous as they begin to rust.

Due to the nature of the materials used some colour differences between casts may be evident.

To view examples of finished lifecasts please see the Shop Display page.

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