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Prosthetics > Introduction:

Eye prosthesis

Adding the finishing touches to an eye prosthesis.

Facial and body prosthetics is the art and science of artificially restoring patients with facial and body defects due to malignancy, congenital deformity,and trauma. Prosthetic rehabilitation offers hope to patients who cannot be surgically reconstructed.
A prosthesis can also be a temporary measure for patients who have been advised to postpone surgical reconstruction.

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This requires several clinic visits as well as extensive laboratory work.

Patients are normally referred by their Consultant or General Practitioner,although self referral may be accepted in certain cases.

The objective of prosthetic rehabilitation is to relieve the psychological trauma by restoring patients positive self image, thus improving confidence to interact with society once again.
In order for the prosthesis to appear life like, every texture, form and pigmentation must be sensitively replicated.

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